Deren Enterprise Culture
Enterprise Core Idea:
Vitalizing Enterprise with Virtue, Treating People with Benevolence

Core Values
Efficiency, Team, Loyalty, Responsibility, Persistence, Innovation.
1.Efficiency- Decisive decisions, quick service, efficient operation; swift action,
Timely response to the market, always one step ahead.
2.Team- Complement each other's advantages, mutual collaboration,
Creative a team with enthusiasm, efficiency, consistent goal, solidarity and courage to challenge.
3.Loyalty- Frank and Forthright, Loyal to enterprise, Based on sincerity
4.Persistence-Perseverance, Advance despite difficulties, Never give up, Consistency, and pursue career and life positively.
5.Responsibility- Responsible for customers, Responsible for products, Responsible for enterprises, Responsible for selves.
6.Innovation-Never stop improving, Self-challenging, Self-surpassing, Perfecting new system, Researching and developing new achievements, Developing new field

Enterprise Spirit
Creating Brand by quality, Maintaining brand by service, Promoting brand by innovation, Expediting development by brand

Management Philosophy
Employee Idea: Most responsible and specialist in own position.
Senior Management Idea: No eternal coronation, Only forever struggle

Conduct Norm
Think about ways to do together rather than emphasize on reason can't do.

Guideline For Management
Guideline for Management: Guide principle with quality, Base on honesty,
Operate with virtue, Serve with benevolence

Service Aim
“Responsible for the brand all the time, Satisfy customers always”

Slogan of Insert
1.We are not only the pioneer of Chinese Precision Preformer, but also the navigator of rubber Preforming technology.
2.With strength to commit, Own ability to undertake.

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