Deren, keep pace with the era, We witness the industrial age changes.
Deren, keep pace with the quality,We pursue breakthrough extremely excellence.
Deren, tone with the humane homology,We focus on the realization of self-worth.
Deren, link with the international track,We meet the more diversified challenges.

30 years in the same boat, excellence and progress,Gather the force of all people, collect the wisdom of all people,Achieve in Deren’s "Fusion".

In 1986, Research & Development
Mr. Wu Yubiao as a technical personnel in Shanghai Chemical Machinery No.4 Plant, lead the team to research and develop the domestic first generation precision preformer, went into production in the same year.
In 1993 Achievement
Mr. Wu Yubiao researched and developed the domestic first generation precision preformer, participated in the Shanghai Superior New Product Selection, and acquired the Science and technology progress award, accomplishment award of new products issued by Shanghai municipal government in 1994.
In 2000 Based
Shanghai Deren Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd was founded formally, and self-raised funds in 2003 to build the modern factory building at 12000 square meters, settle the foundation for the company long-term development.
In 2004 Promotion
Make technical breakthrough, replaced four speed motor with frequency conversion motor, rubber blank weight adjustment is more convenient and quick; weight control is more precise and more stable cutting knife and acquired the utility model patent certificate for preformer hydraulic unit. Concluded agent cooperation agreements with Turkey, India, Thailand, Brazil and others, and pass through the European Union CE certification and ISO quality certification.
In 2008 Optimization
Developed computerized type precision preformer, reduce the workers operating difficulty effectively, improve the rubber blank weight precision further, improve the production efficiency substantially and avoid unnecessary rubber wastage.
In 2010 Development
Number of Deren’s users break through 1000 successfully, keep the close strategic cooperation with more than 20 domestic scientific research institutions.
In 2014 Breakthrough
Number of Deren’s users break through 2000 successfully, the high-end customers from sealing, anti-vibration , sole sole, friction lining, railway, aviation, tennis, automobile, ships, petroleum and other fields.
In 2015 Leap
Developed cutting system controlled by servo motor successfully, cutter can cut at non-uniform speed and cut rubber blank at random length; The equipment achieves in connection with enterprise network system, meet the user’s various management, authentication ect. network requirements, make the precision preformer enter into modern management mode successly.

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