Our Advantages
The Eight Core Strengths — Achievements Of The First Brand of Chinese Preformer

The long history, Ahead of the pack
More than 30 years’experience to focus on research and development, production of rubber precision preformer, more than 10 honorary certifications and patent qualifications, witness 15 years growth process.

The long-term management mode, All-round service
For every customer, set up a file for every machine, follow up regularly;
Full automatic control system, strict quality control system, 120 kinds of factory inspection standard, continuing the pursuit of zero defect,
Comprehensive cost-performance far exceeds the same product the oversea brands.

The most large-scale production workshop,The world's largest market share
Self-owned plant covers an area of 12000 square meters;Cutting-edge technology integration of the world rubber preforming areas, more than 2600 foreign and domestic rubber products manufacturers and more than 20 domestic research institutes, Due to product quality, technology, quality and after-sales service customer satisfaction, the equipment is well received by many famous enterprises at home and abroad, and many large companies identified as "rubber precision preformer" designated suppliers.

The most perfect after-sale service system,The omni-directional round-the-clock service
Free debugging for new equipment, provide free technical training guidance;0.5 hours after service response, reach the site within 24 hours, all year round after-sale service and consulting. Our service network throughout all provinces  in the country and around the world, service and technical personnel have been the company long-term professional training after-sales technical team, able to help the customers dispose of the problem timely and effectively.We will maintain customers after-sales service with the most effective, the most rapid, the most reasonable way, to guarantee of the rights and interests of clients get really and reflect. At the same time, for customers’suggestions and requirements, the specially-assigned person will be responsible for tracking and disposal, ensure to provide a most satisfactory answer in the shortest possible time, serve customers whole heartedly.

The most sophisticated automatic control system
Due to our long committed to the rubber precision preforming equipment research and development, so the company production machine spare parts are comprehensiveness, internationalization and standardization. The durable mechanical design for machine, Uses the frequency conversion motor, realize stepless speed regulation of the blade and rubber blank weight high accuracy with tolerance of ±1%;Operation is stable, quiet, efficient and precise oil circuit design, high automatic control.

The most powerful technical team
Outstanding technical talent, strong technical strength, efficient execution for you to solve any problems in use, the details of the optimal to consider, tailored for you, the most reasonable choice for accessories, eliminate worries for you. With the existing state of the "labor shortage", "high labor costs" factors, cause the factory cost higher and higher, aiming at this situation, the company on the design concept, in line with the "automation", "improving the efficiency of the machine", "to speed up the machine" for high-end design. Achieve in producing in a generation, Researching and developing a generation, innovating and reserving a generation, always grasp the precision preformer production research at the forefront of advanced technology.

The most reasonable design
The product appearance design are developed by the research and development technical personnel according to the product performance and requirement, combined with the design team to shape the concept of the company's products, each product market demand to put forward ideas, product appearance design is novel, unique, break the traditional design concept of domestic machinery industry.

The most excellent research and development technology—Low energy product
For now the global environmental protection, saving energy to reduce production mode is imperative, company will intensify efforts to save electricity and reduce energy consumption, to reduce the production cost as own duty for customers, in order to meet the current energy shortages of the market, to focus on research and development of such machine, new type of precision preformer (computer) compared to general precision preformer, efficiency and precision are greatly improved to save energy from the side.

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