Pre-Sale Service
1, Provide all kinds of rubber auxiliary equipment information, convenient and necessary inspection and technical advisory services.

2, Before the equipment leave the factory, the production period, the client may send relevant personnel to the company to monitor the production, technical training, product acceptance, etc.

3, Is responsible for the product to provide the corresponding technical training, training methods,training time, place, number and so on concrete matters agreed upon by both parties.

4, By providing customers with the budget of the investment, plant planning, and other forms of pre-sale service, make customer plan is reasonable, standard, and can save cost.

5, The budget of the investment: the product profitability analysis, rubber type pause and its auxiliary equipment and budget, budget service human resource configuration.

6, The workshop planning: provide equipment foundation installation size, put the layout, workshop ventilation, exhaust gas, water, wiring, and other services.,

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