DRL Cold Feed Precision Preformer
  • Description
The cold feed precision preformer is a rubber blanks manufacturing equipment with high efficient and high precision, which applicable for rubber blanks production of various rubber components. It takes less space, work separately, convenient production process, easy to operate,Applied to produce various shapes of rubber blanks of circular shape, strip,cylinder shape.etc.Specially useful for producing blanks of rubber components such as rubber sundries, sealing parts, oil seal, valves, tennis balls and shoe soles.

This equipment adopts the advanced servo control system to control cutter, the cutter speed can be adjusted between 0-400 r/min., it can control the cutting length of rubber blanks effectively for random length, to realize the high precision given-length cutting. Cold feed precision preformer incorporated with straining, extruding, cutting and auto-calibrating of rubber blanks weight and countering functions, You can leave out the mixing, continuous rolling complicated procedures  compared to traditional warm feed precision preformer which enable the rubber components production much easier.

Technical Parameter
Items Unit DRL75 DRL90 DRL120
Max. Barrel volume kg/h 20~120 200~320 300~450
Cutter speed rpm/min 0~400 0~400 0~400
Blank weight accuracy ± 3% 3% 3%
Power of motor KW 37~45 45~55 75~85
Attemperation device loop number 4 4-5 4-5
screw Material SCM-440 SCM-440 SCM-440
Diameter 75 90 120
Length to diameter ratio L/P 14 14 14
maximum speed of revolution Rpm 60 50~60 50~60
Screw barrel material SACM-645 SACM-645 SACM-645
External dimension(L×W×H) m 2.7×1.2×1.6 3.1×1.2×1.7 3.6×1.5×1.8
Weight t 1.4 2.15 2.8

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