JYZ –M Precision Preformer (Pluse Cutting)
  • Description
The machine adopts advanced servo control system to control the cutting knife, can control the cutter rotation of any point in the process of instant speed, and completely overcome the traditional fly knife cut at low speed, cutting speed can be in the range of 0-400 RPM. It can effectively control the cutting length of the rubber blank, let it achieve arbitrary length, and can realize high precision fixed-length cutting.

Compared with traditional cutting:
Pluse rubber preformer set filters, plastic extrusion, cutting, automatic correction on blank weight, counting, and multiple functions into an organic whole function, compared to traditional precision preforming machine, cutting accuracy is higher, particularly have a breakthrough progress in the rubber products whose cutting area is larger or the cutting length is longer.
Traditional cutting speed is low because of larger cutting area, with only 20-30% of the rated power, often block running, the pluse cutting can make the blade cut rubber up to 200RPM instantaneously, down to 2 ~ 3RPM after cutting; Traditional cutting, when cut long rubber strip, rubber come out fast, if the blade rotate with uniform speed, the back of a knife blade will block rubber compound to extrude. The high cutting speed of pluse cutting can easily solve this problem, which make rubber products production becomes simpler.

● PLC control system and touch screen operator interface.
● Color touch screen to input data and password protection.
● 1000 products technics database available to connect anytime.
● Variable inverter controlled infinite speed regulation for cutter speed.
● Weigh scale feedback close loop for blank weight adjustment.
● Reliable safety performance. There are interlocks when close ram head, the cutter rotates and ram moves forwards and retracts.
● Graphic and text display for failure point and cause.
● Barrel adopts separated structure, Extended center, for easy cleaning.
● Adopt water circulation vacuum pump, Which can effectively prevent corrosive gas corrosion of vacuum pump and pollution to the environment, and effectively improve the service life of vacuum pump and the quality of the product.
● Stainless steel conveyer for reducing compound contamination.

Technical Parameter
Items Unit JYZ150-M JYZ200-M JYZ250-M JYZ200H-M JYZ250H-M
Barrel inside diameter mm 150 200 250 200 250
Total power KW 16 16 19 21.6 21.6
Max. extruding pressure MPa 36.8 20.7 17 40 25
Max. barrel temperature °C 95 95 95 95 95
Max. die diameter mm 120 125 190 125 190
Rubber weight range g 0.3~100 0.3~200 0.3~2000 0.3~200 0.3~2000
Rubber blank weight accuracy % ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0
Single feeding volume kg 13~15 22~30 60~70 25~35 60~70
Cutter instant speed r/min 50~200 50~200 50~200 50~200 50~200
Cutter speed r/min 0~400 0~400 0~400 0~400 0~400
External dimension
m 3.77×1.2×1.62 3.9×1.2×1.64 5.08×1.25× 1.64 4.7×1.35×1.85 5.6×1.35×1.85
Weight T 2.3 2.5 3.6 4.6 5

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