JYZH Series High Pressure Precision Preformer
  • Description
The max.working pressure for JYZH200 high pressure precision preformer is up to 40 Mpa.It can strain rubber compound of different hardness with higher efficiency,

It can achieve in prefoming while straining,and strain the rubber compound with accelerant. The strain accuracy is up to 300 meshes,rubber compound will not be scorched. This precision preformer is with humanized design and easy operatinon,and less force to open ram head,the comprehensive safety control and impressive notice to ensure better security performance. It is a type of rubber blank manufacturing equipment with high efficiency and high accuracy. This machine can process a wide range of rubber material, and is able to extrude rubber blanks of ring, rectangle, strip and odd shapes. It is especially suitable to produce sealing members, oil seal, tyre valves, bottle closures, tennis balls and shoe soles, etc. It integrates a variety of different functions such as vacuuming, filtrating, extruding, cutting, weighing, counting, etc.

Technical parameter
Items Unit JYZ200H JYZ250H
Barrel inside diameter mm 200 250
Total power KW 21.6 21.6
Max. extruding pressure MPa 40 25
Max. barrel temperature °C 95 95
Max. die diameter mm 125 190
Rubber weight range g 0.3~200 0.3~2000
Rubber blank weight accuracy % ±1.0 ±1.0
Single feeding volume kg 25~35 60~70
Cutter speed r/min 35~300 23~300
External dimension(L×W×H) m 4.7×1.35×1.85 5.6×1.35×1.85
Weight t 4.6 5

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