LPX450 Hanging Production Line For Cooling Rubber Sheet
  • Description
Structural features
This unit has receiving and delivering, soaking and cooling, sheet hanging and cooling, hanging and conveying devices, etc. The receiving and delivering is driven by frequency conversion motor, the speed is adjustable. Soaking and cooling is through water pump to spray the cooling water (can add release agent) to the running rubber sheet;
Hanging and conveying device is made up of cooling and delivering frame, hanging bar, link chain and guide rail for chain.

LPX450 Hanging production line for cooling rubber sheet for rubber sheet is used to make mixing mill (screw machine) squeeze rubber sheet to cool and store.

Technical Parameter
Item Unit Specification
Applicable rubber sheet specification mm >450
Receiving conveyer belt speed m/min 15~30
Rubber sheet hanging pole quantity pc 28
Max. height for rubber sheet hanging mm 1500
Cooling wind fan power kw 0.13kw×10
Max. power 3 phase kw 7
Soaking conveyer motor power kw 2.2
Soaking water pump power kw 0.75
Mixing motor power kw 0.4
Hanging motor power kw 2.2
External dimension (L*W*H) mm 7500×3300×2650
Total weight T 3.5

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