LSS-Q800 Clean-up & Auto-weighing Water Cooling Conveyer
  • Description
LSS-Q800 clean-up & auto-weighing water cooling conveyer is a downstream machine of precision preformer which is to cool, convey, dry, weigh and sort rubber compounds into charging-basket.

Rubber compounds cut by precision preformer can be sorted into charging-baskets after dipped into water, conveyed, dried then delivered by cross belt conveyer. When the rubber compounds reach the set weight, the cross belt conveyer will stop running, the basket-pushed device will change this full charging-basket with an empty one automatically, and cross belt conveyer will run again to fulfill the functions of auto-weighing, automatic basket-sorting and automatic basket-changing.

Meanwhile, full charging basket will be delivered to roller conveying line, and then operating personnel can deal with it. Water-dipping device facilitates to cool down the rubber compound and to avoid polluted by kinds of rubber chippings mutually. There is a charging-basket for remaining compounds which is easy to take out and clean up. When there is no rubber compound on the cooling conveyer, it will stop after 5 minutes’ automatic dry run.

Technical Parameters:
1. Water-dipping conveying net belt speed: 4~8m/min (infinite speed regulation)
Conveying length: 1.5m
2. Slope conveying net belt speed: 3~6m/min (infinite speed regulation)
Conveying length: 3.0m
3. Horizontal conveying net belt speed: 1.5~3m/min (infinite speed regulation)
Conveying length: 4.0m
4. &=1.5mm stainless steel net belt, belt width: 300mm
5. Weight range for rubber compounds in charging-basket:
10~20kgs/basket(adjustable)     customized accordingly if outside this range
6. Whole unit Max. Overall dimension (L*W*H)     9*2.4*2.1m
7. Weight: 1.0 T
8. Select matching charging-basket dimension:
Charging-basket base L*W : (500~600)*(400~460)mm
Charging-basket Height:150~170mm

Automatic basket-changing device will be customized as per charging-basket external dimension.

Mainframe Configuration:
Program control system adopts MISUBISHI PLC, OMRON Photoelectric Sensors, Schneider breaker, SIEMENS AC Contactor, MISUBISHI Frequency Converter.

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