LSS650 Water Cooling Conveyer
  • Description
The water cooling conveyer is an auxiliary machine of the precision preformer to avoid stickiness and deformation of the rubber blanks. After cooling down with cooling water or cooling solution, and then with forcible cooling wind, the rubber blanks will become dry and stable. The feature of the machine is the running speed can be adjusted by the stainless steel net curtain during the whole process, to go with all the cutting speeds of the preformer.

Technical Parameter
Items Unit LSS650
Sloping conveyer(adopt stainless steel)
Conveying width mm 450
Distance of blank conveying (in water) mm 700
Conveying speed m/min 8.3
Volume of cooling wind m3/h 1620
Horizontal conveying
Conveying width mm 380
Conveying speed (adjustable) m/min 1.6~3.2
Layer 3
Water tank dimension(L×W×H) m 1.46×0.8×0.27
Volume of cooling wind m3/h 10320
External dimension (L×W×H) m 5.35×0.75×1.84
Total power KW 1.8
Weight T 1.2

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