LSZ1050 Vibrating Cooling Conveyor
  • Description
Vibrating Cooling Conveyor is an auxiliary machine of the precision preformer to avoid stickiness and deformation of the rubber blanks.The part of the machine which directly contact rubber blanks is made of stainless steel. Rubber blank travelles through vibrating method,avoid the stickiness and deformation,the long cooling stroke, stroke upto 50 meter,cool down fully and the dry effect is prominent. Operator can adjust the vibrating frequency manually,applied for the wide range of rubbr blanks. The material of machine unit is SUS304 stainless steel to avoid the corrosion, For small size rubber blanks, can be directly cooled down by wind; For the heavy weight and much heat rubber blanks, can be cooled by circulation water from external water tank to intensify the cooling effect of rubber blanks,especially with prominent effect for FKM,NBR,CR,EPDM, pelleting, bearing seals, oil seals, O-rings, rubber flakes etc.

• A versatile solution that is suitable for most types of hot rubber blanks, preforms, pellets and extrusions
• A technologically advanced and quality enhancing method of ensuring effective cooling, separation and drying of rubber products without interrupting the production line
• An easy-to-operate system requiring minimal user training and maintenance
• A compact and cost-cutting solution saving factory space and dramatically reduces drying and cooling time compared to other conveyor methods
• Safe, reliable and durable - made out of stainless steel to prevent corrosion

Technical Parameter
Groove diameter mm 1050
Groove width mm 240
Groove height mm 1600
Material running distance mm 35000
Helical pitch mm 110
Width of inlet mm 650
Height of inlet (From the ground level) mm 300
Width of outlet mm 245
Height of outlet (From the ground level) mm 1650
Conveying Speed   (adjustable) m/min 6~18
Motor power kw 0.75*2
Motor power for cooling fan kw 3.7
External Dimension (LXWXH) m 2.15×1.35×2.56
Total weight T 1.7

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