The After-Sales Service
1, Technical training
Provide CD training video tutorial,Or on-site training, technical personnel, equipment operation and maintenance personnel.But before the training according to the need for training program and data, and make the training of personnel to master the skills related to the equipment needs, provide necessary skills to ensure safe use and maintenance equipment.

2, Offer lifetime technical support
The company's products provide technical support for life.During the product operation (including product has passed the quality guarantee period) components, parts damage, company can Real-time online communication to help solve the problem,or send professional and technical personnel for repair and replacement.

3, The warranty period free warranty
In the warranty period due to the factors of equipment damage, by the company responsible for free repair, maintenance, replacement.Because of human (not our personnel) and damage caused by natural disasters, the company responsible for providing maintenance service free of artificial cost, charge material cost accordingly.

4, Pay a return visit
Cooperate with customer for technical equipment inspection, review, can save a lot of problems for customers.

5, Fast response
Ensure information feedback timely communication, strong service network, and into the week to service for you, in time to answer customer inquiries, when necessary, can in not deviating from the customer needs to send professional personnel arrived at the scene, to repair or parts replacement equipment.

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